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Authentic Sanuki Udon from Kagawa, Japan

About Tamoya

Commitment for Udon

Heart and soul of well loved Japanese food "Sanuki Udon" is in the chewy yet smooth texture of its udon noodles. Udon maker, Tamotsu Kurokawa's pride in the noodle will never budge. Seeking for the best sanuki udon noodles recipe, Tamotsu Kurokawa brought udon noodles to perfection.

We have special udon soup recipe that you can only taste at Tamoya udon; no other places around the world.
The broth is made from boiling and taking only the first rare layer of dried sardines and dried bonito from Ibuki, Japan.

Udon Champion, Mr. Kurokawa

Tamoya Udon was first established in 1994 by sanuki udon champion "Tamotsu Kurokawa" in Kagawa pref; also known as udon pref.

As Tamotsu Kurokawa was pursuing his career as a udon specialist, he had a chance to participate in TV Champion, a reality competition TV program in Japan. In the TV program, he was the representative and champion of Sanuki Udon.

The TV program made Tamoya Udon prominent in Japan, remarking "Sanuki Udon has the great chewy texture and is very delicious.

Awards & Recognition

Tamoya is one of Japan's most popular and respected Udon restaurant landmarks among both people from the sanuki region and tourist from other prefectures in Japan.

Its udon has won awards many times for its distinctive chewiness and well-loved broth. Tamoya Udon has been covered in magazines & TV and also given recognitions on food review sites in Japan.

With over 20 years of history in the home of udon, Kagawa, long-standing udon restaurant "Tamoya Udon" has expanded to 20 locations worldwide, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.


Curry CheeseKatsu Udon 

Regular size only
Mozzarella cheese, fried pork cutlet and curry udon

Curry Chashu Udon

Regular size only
Chashu with curry udon.

Kitsune Set

Regular size only
Kitsune Udon +any your
favorite 3 odens


1pc $1.2
3pc $3
Japanese very popular
one pot dish

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